Holistic Career Coaching….for savvy 21st century nurses!


  • Does your nursing career need a jump start or reboot?
  • Are you returning to nursing after an absence from the profession? 
  • Would you like to change specialties?
  • Does your nursing career feel stuck?
  • Do you find that mainstream career coaches don’t understand nursing?
  • Are you a new graduate desiring to launch your nursing career in a powerful way?
  • Are you a nurse who wants to become an entrepreneur?
  • Do you just need some support in planning your career trajectory?

In my work as an expert career coach for nurses, I provide holistic coaching that supports you in making decisions that will move your career forward in a positive direction. In the course of our conversations, we work and play together to assess the current status of your career, creating a thoughtful plan of action in service to your aspirations. Career building is a life-long endeavor, and having a coach who is also a nurse with several decades of experience is a great way to take giant steps forward along the path. As a holistic nurse career coach, some of the aspects of your life and career that are very important to me include your complete employment history, as well as who you are as a person, not just as a professional. I also want to know your goals and aspirations, your motivations, the ways in which you care for yourself, a holistic synopsis of your general life situation, and your vision of what your optimal nursing career would look like. As your career coach, I will help you to:

  • Thoughtfully plan the trajectory of your nursing career
  • Connect with powerfully useful resources
  • Explore your motivations and desires
  • Brush up your resume
  • Improve your cover letters and thank you letters
  • Prepare for interviews, including overcoming anxiety
  • Feel inspired again about your career as a nurse
  • Learn how to leverage your unique gifts and strengths
  • Recover from difficult passages in your career
  • Explore new career alternatives, especially more non-traditional nursing roles
  • Brainstorm entrepreneurial and business ideas
  • Optimize your Linked In profile and your use of this powerful platform
  • Learn techniques and skills for building your professional network

Nursing is a wonderful career, with many new opportunities constantly opening up as viable alternatives to the historically accepted professional nursing trajectory. It is my honor to serve as a coach for nurses, and I’m dedicated to seeing our profession expand, deepen, and broaden in its richness. If you need someone to walk alongside you as you make some important decisions about your nursing career, I’d be happy to provide the support and expertise that you need. Contact me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session!

An expert career coach who is also a seasoned nurse!

Your companion on the journey of creating an amazing nursing career!

Contact me about taking your nursing career to the next level!

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