Your personal values serve as guiding principles for your life, and they’re the ideals that you believe allow you the greatest opportunity to live your best life.  Discover Your Values is a course for digging deep into who you are and what makes you tick in terms of your personal values and moral compass. Commonly held human values include benevolence, security, achievement, self-direction, and tradition. I’m a proud affiliate and earn a commission if you purchase through my link, at no additional cost to you.

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When you purchase the Discover Your Values course, you’ll receive a workbook that will help you identify, prioritize, and act upon your personal values (out of a total of 57 values identified as being central to human motivation) with a series of exercises designed to help you achieve clarity about what’s most important to you in your life right now. Upon completion of the workbook, you’ll walk away with an action plan that will help you live a life fully aligned with what matters most to you.

This course leverages the latest research on human values to help facilitate meaningful and relevant discussion about the guiding principles of your life — your values. The Theory of Basic Human Values, developed by social psychologist Dr. Shalom
H. Schwartz, is the most prominent and validated research we have today on human values (1992). His work measures the universal values across all major cultures, while also providing a common language of understanding.

This course is a wonderful adjunct to career coaching with me, and also as a stand-alone exercise. I hope you’ll consider this affordable tool for self-discovery and personal/professional growth. 

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” — Roy Disney

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