Nurses, Healthcare, and the Reality of Uncertainty | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 121

On episode 121 of The Nurse Keith Show, we discuss the importance of acknowledging that uncertainty is an underlying factor in almost every aspect of life. Whether it’s healthcare, our children, or our jobs, uncertainty is a constant presence that we must live with on a daily basis. Learning how to accept and deal with such shifting sands of life is a key to our happiness, sanity, and overall life satisfaction.

Uncertainty Just Ahead

The Heisenberg Principle, also known as the Uncertainty Principle, states in very simple terms that no thing in the universe has a definite position, trajectory, or momentum. While this may relate specifically to quantum mechanics (which I’m barely able to even grasp the basic concept of), we can apply this to life in so many ways.

What’s uncertain in our lives?

Healthcare: Especially here in the US — is a constant game of shifting sands, and this can impact us and our careers in many ways. What can we truly be sure of?

Nursing: When dealing with patients and their conditions and illnesses, how much certainty can we truly offer? The certainty of our compassion and caring is a constant we can count on.

Politics: When the potential for thermonuclear war is back in the public consciousness once again, what does that tell us about the certainty (or lack thereof) of the world we live in?

Society: When neo-Nazis can boldly protest in public and run down innocent people with cars, how certain can we be of anything? And when terrorism is rampant around the world, how can we grasp onto any certainty at all?

Career: When we apply for a job, we live with the uncertainty that we may or may not be chosen. When we apply to nursing school, we’re not sure we’ll get in. When we take the NCLEX, how do we know we passed? How many weeks do we have to wait?

Business: If we decide to launch a business, start a new podcast, publish our first blog post, write a book, or speak at our first conference, we have no certainty of the outcome. We could totally bomb or we could totally nail it. No one can predict the outcomes for us.

Join me on this episode for an exploration of the principle of uncertainty in our lives and careers.

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