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On episode 127 of The Nurse Keith Show, we dig into the ideas of nimbleness of mind and how having the wherewithal to pivot in your nursing career when the time is ripe is based on curiosity, being awake and aware, openness, and willingness to embrace change.

Goldfish jumping out of the water

The notion of pivoting in your nursing career isn’t a new one, and that readiness to pivot emerges from a nimbleness of mind and a willingness to read the tea leaves of your career. Are you nimble?

Being nimble means thinking beyond what’s right in front of you and being willing to take inspired action when necessary.

Lay the groundwork for what you want, and if you don’t know what you want, ask the right questions and seek help and support to do the hard work of figuring it out.

What’s the writing on the wall of healthcare and nursing?

Many nurses appear to settle into an area of nursing, rest on their laurels, and think less of the future than perhaps they should. These nurses don’t necessarily think a great deal about what they may want in five or ten years; thus, when they’re suddenly feeling unhappy and itchy for change, there’s much more work to be done due to the years they’ve spent avoiding any forward movement or thought for the future.

When do you embrace the idea of, “Don’t just sit there, do something” versus the notion of, “Don’t just do something, sit there“?

Reading the Inner Landscape

  • Being nimble of mind means being open to possibility.
  • Curiosity and mental and intellectual expansiveness are key.
  • Take off your blinders (or in the UK or other countries, we would say blinkers).
  • Read your immediate surroundings
  • Read the larger healthcare landscape
  • Read the inner landscape of your heart and mind

If what you’re doing now may not float your boat in five years, or if it’s an area that’s losing ground in the healthcare field, now’s the time to take inspired action in a new direction.

  • Chat with a nurse or manager who you know and trust
  • Reach out to a career coach for inspiration or ideas
  • Request informational interviews with professionals who are holders of information that may be helpful to you

Take preemptive action that will bring about change. Be proactive rather than reactive, and remain awake and aware

Nurse be nimble, nurse be quick. Nurse, consider your future, and keep your eyes wide open.

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