Leveraging The Gallup Poll in Your Nursing Career | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 143

On episode 143 of The Nurse Keith Show, we reference a recent blog post and discuss the Gallup poll results that demonstrate continued public trust in nurses’ trustworthiness and honesty. How can nurses leverage that public trust in the interest of professional career growth and being an outspoken advocate for their communities and societies?

Gallup poll and nurses

The Meaning of Gallup

In the aforementioned blog post, I shared what I see as the meaning of the Gallup poll:

From my perspective, the Gallup results mean that, even though the public doesn’t always understand what nurses really do and who we truly are, they see us as professionals who bring a level of trust to the table that other professions just don’t seem able to perceptibly deliver. to the same extent.

I by no means wish to canonize nurses as perfect human beings, yet we must own the fact that we are viewed by the public with a considerable amount of admiration.

With nurses remaining a highly respected group of professionals, this means we can collectively use our voices to be an increasingly important voice amidst the national (and international) conversation about healthcare. We can also chime in on other aspects of society and culture, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, human trafficking, child welfare, elder abuse, and any other salient contemporary issues that are being discussed in the media, the halls of Congress, or elsewhere.

So what does this all mean for you and your nursing career, and how can translate it into a personal benefit that will move your career forward and reach the larger world in a wholly positive way?

Some Avenues to Consider

There are many ideas for how to leverage your “nursesness” and be an advocate and influential member of society:

  • Become a commentator on health-related issues on your local radio station
  • Be a trusted voice to whom local, regional, national, or international media outlets turn for opinion and analysis
  • Write a regular column for your local or regional newspaper
  • Leverage your “nurseness” in terms of starting a business that capitalizes on your nursing credentials and trust those credentials engender
  • Use your power as a nurse to influence your state or national legislators on important issues
  • Reach out to other healthcare colleagues to form mastermind groups and support networks
  • Launch a blog or podcast as a platform for sharing your opinions or disseminating health information on which you are an expert
  • Join the board of directors of a non-profit or nursing association
  • Partner with local faith leaders for community service projects for the public good

Enjoy this episode and the blog post, and consider how you can speak out in the interest of your nursing career.

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