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Nurses, following up on the popularity of episode 148 of The Nurse Keith Show, we’re taking this opportunity to dive deeper into one specific aspect of nurse entrepreneurship, and that’s the notion of the side hustle. Do you want a business on the side to supplement your nursing income and provide you with another outlet for your creativity and ambition? If so, a side hustle may be your avenue to do just that.

The nurse business side hustle

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It’s Not All Big Business

Nurses, a side business doesn’t have to be big business, and that’s what this episode is all about. Setting up a big, high-stakes business may feel overwhelming. You may also love your job and not have time or energy for anything too demanding. Still, you may want to do something on the side.

As we discussed on EPS 148, you can very well create a big business endeavor —  it’s done all the time. However, some nurses just want creative side hustles that fulfill some aspect of who they are.

Side hustles can be lower risk, with lower overhead, and with fewer (if any) negative consequences in the case of failure.

Examples of Side Hustles

Like one nurse I know, you can be a rep for a well-known and trusted affiliate marketing company like doTerra Essential Oils. (Some so-called multilevel marketing companies are less than reputable, but even I belong to several that are quite high-quality.)

You could privately case manage one elderly client for a friend who has a local parent in need of nursing support that they can afford to pay for

You might be involved in the hemp or cannabis industry as a representative of a CBD company (I would have a few recommendations in this area.)

💡 You can be a freelance writer for a nursing website or magazine

💡 You may write for a local newspaper or appear on the radio as a commentator

💡 You can be a podcaster or blogger

💡 You can have a small coaching practice on the side

💡 Some nurses are filmmakers or artists

I mentioned the following nurses on this episode:

Your side hustle can have NOTHING to do with nursing or healthcare whatsoever. You may buy and sell collectible dinner plates on eBay, refurbish and resell antiques, or teach yoga on Saturday mornings at the library for a donation. It’s up to you and there aren’t any rules.

A side hustle means that you do something part time or very part time in order to earn a little extra money, or you may not care about the money at all. Rather, you may just be after the fulfillment, the creative outlet, the fun, or the chance to sharpen or learn new skills.

Any side hustle ideas? Email me and I’ll brainstorm with you!

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