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Super hero nurse Well, it’s Nurses Week 2019, and I couldn’t be happier doing what I do supporting nurses like you in nursing career development, personal growth, and overall happiness and satisfaction. I see the nursing profession as being on the ascendant, and I want to give you 10 solid reasons to love nursing, your career as a nurse, and being a valuable and respected healthcare professional!

There are always reasons to be unhappy if you look for them, and nursing can often give you pretty compelling reasons to feel downtrodden without trying too hard, right? Bullying, burnout, exhaustion, and other vicissitudes of our noble profession can throw you into an emotional tailspin, and we often talk about those challenges here on the show. But for this episode, we’re focusing on the things we love; not because we’re in denial, but because there’s always room for celebration.

Reason #1: Nurses are highly respected
By now, we all know about the Gallup Poll and how nurses are always #1 in terms of the public’s choice of professionals who are the most trustworthy and honest. Members of Congress and people who sell cars are waaaayyyy down on the list, but nurses remain at the top. This is a very good reason to be proud and happy to be a nurse. When the average person is asked about what nurses do, they may not necessarily understand all that we’re capable of and the roles that we can fulfill, but they do know that we have a tendency to be supportive and compassionate people who can make a difference in their patients’ lives and the well-being of our communities. In essence, when you tell someone who you meet at a party that you’re a nurse, they’ll either look at you with great respect, praise your selflessness, or ask you to follow them into the bathroom so you can look at a mole on their back.

Reason #2: The possibilities of specialization are endless
Some nurses may feel that you must work in the hospital to be a “real nurse”, but we know that this perception and opinion is entirely untrue. Many nurses like me have never worked in a hospital, and others do their time and then leave for greener pastures. There has never been a better time in history to explore the endless possibilities for nurses. These options include all manner of outpatient clinical positions, as well as medical sales and training, various clinical and non-clinical specialties, teaching, etc. Some nurses even combine their training, education, and experience with being a lawyer, obtaining an MBA, or other additional professional development and licensure/certification, often outside of the healthcare universe.

Reason #3: Nursing skills are so very useful

Reason #4: Job growth looks very good for the foreseeable future
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for APRNs and RNs is looking strong through at least 2026.

Reason #5: There’s always more to learn
Isn’t there always something more to learn, clinically or otherwise?

Reason #6: Nurse entrepreneurship is exploding
If you have an entrepreneurial bent, organizations like The National Nurses in Business Association can get you where you want to go!

Reason #7: Nursing is a beautiful combination of art and science
‘Nuff said. 

Reason #8: Your nursing skills can be leveraged in an endless variety of ways

Reason #9: Your skills allow you to serve others through a variety of volunteer opportunities
How can you use your nursing skills — whether clinical hands-on skills or listening, supportive counseling, and communication — in creative volunteer capacities?

Reason #10: You’re amazing and you know it
Aren’t I right about that?

Bonus reason: The outfits and shoes are sexy, and the hours are fabulous!
‘Nuff said here, too.

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