Overcoming NCLEX Anxiety and Crushing Your Nursing Career | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 234

On episode 234 of The Nurse Keith Show, we dive deep into the NCLEX and its challenges with Damion Keith Jenkins, an NCLEX prep master whose clients have a 100% NCLEX pass rate!

Damion Keith Jenkins, RNDamion Keith Jenkins is a Registered Nurse, Clinical Practice Education Specialist, NCLEX Prep Expert, Nurse Content Writer and he has a real passion for nursing education! Damion is the owner and operator of The Nurse Speak, LLC. – a nursing education and consulting company & blog. He specializes in providing individualized NCLEX Prep tutoring services for new graduate nurses, especially those who have experienced unsuccessful attempts. Damion continues to hold a 100% pass rate for all of his NCLEX Prep clients for the past two years, and he remains confident in making 2019 his third consecutive year of amazing success! Damion also offers high-quality, up-to-date writing services for a variety nursing blogs and companies. Some of the companies and organizations that Damion has partnered with include, but are not limited to: allnurses.com, Pedagogy Online Learning Systems, Kaplan Test Prep, Healthcare Marketing Network, Pivoting Aspects, as well his own blog – The Nurse Speak Blog.

The Nurse Speak and Damien have been featured in several media sources, which include: the podcasts “Your Next Shift” with host Elizabeth Scala – Episode 124, and “Mastering Nursing” with host Keith Carlson – Episode 13; an article featured in Nursing Business Hub titled “27 Outstanding Nurse Influencers Making An Impact”; an article written by Nurse Beth titled “The NCLEX Whisperer”; The American Journal of Nursing; The NSW Nurses and Midwives Association; The New York State Nurses Association; The American Nurses Association; a recommended resource by Dr. Renee Thompson of The Healthy Workforce Institute in her January 2018 newsletter; a resource by Keith Carlson in his June 2018 newsletter.

The Nurse Speak

Damion is also a proud member of The National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) and has been invited to speak at their 2019 Annual Educational Conference in Las Vegas.

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Nurse KeithIn case you didn’t already know, Nurse Keith is a holistic career coach for nurses, award-winning nurse blogger, writer, podcaster, keynote and motivational speaker, and popular career columnist. With two decades of nursing experience, Keith deeply understands the issues faced by 21st-century nurses. From 2012 until its sunset in 2017, Keith co-hosted RNFMRadio, a groundbreaking nursing podcast. Keith’s message of savvy career management and professional satisfaction reaches tens of thousands of nurses worldwide. Keith can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram—as well as at NurseKeith.com.

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