Using Social Media to Empower Your Nursing Career | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 242

On episode 242 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing career podcast, Nurse Keith dives deep into how to leverage social media for empowering and elevating your nursing career, specifically with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram as your go-to platforms for nursing career and networking success.

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Uses of social media for your nursing career:

  • Networking
  • Keeping in touch with colleagues and friends
  • Following organizations you care about
  • Career advancement
  • Staying current on news and innovation
  • Using hashtags to curate information and news
  • Having fun
  • Being entertained

Why nurses say no to social media:

  • Don’t understand it
  • Underestimate its importance
  • Overwhelm
  • They think nurses don’t use it
  • They feel it’s not important

The consequences of not using social media:

  • A small, ineffective network and not building a strong and robust network in the interest of your future
  • Not having the brain trust of your network at your fingertips
  • Missing out on trending topics of interest
  • Not making friends and meeting like-minded colleagues
  • Missing out on recruiters
  • Potentially leaving money and opportunity on the table
  • Missing out on groups and salient discussions of importance to you


  • Groups
  • Making friends
  • Fun and humor
  • Following trending topics
  • Facebook Live events
  • Following organizations you care about
  • Nurse Keith on Facebook


  • Making friends
  • Fun and humor
  • Following trending topics
  • Instagram Live events
  • Following organizations you care about
  • Nurse Keith on Instagram


  • Resume on steroids — and so much more
  • A search engine disguised as social media
  • Making connections and networking
  • Following trending topics
  • Reading articles and news stories
    Following organizations you care about
  • Groups
  • Jobs
  • Recruiters
  • Building a powerful profile with recommendations and endorsements
  • Writing original content that demonstrates your expertise
  • Nurse Keith on LinkedIn


  • Making friends
  • Fun and humor
  • Following trending topics and news
  • Following organizations you care about
  • Nurse Keith on Twitter

My recommendations:

  • One platform at a time
  • Look for your happy place
  • If only choosing one, choose LinkedIn – it’s a no-brainer
  • Social media and LinkedIn coaching with Nurse Keith – mention this episode for 15% off your first coaching package!
  • Send me a personalized invitation to connect on LinkedIn


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