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Keith "Nurse Keith" CarlsonOn episode 246 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing career podcast, Keith takes a deep dive into a personal account of how he continues to overcome chronic pain, depression, and other personal challenges in order to be as productive, content, connected, and satisfied in his life as possible, and how you can create the life you want, as well. These personal reflections come directly from Nurse Keith’s heart to yours.

Recently on social media, a member of my audience asked me what my secret is in terms of my level of productivity, connectivity, and engagement. There’s really no silver bullet, whether you’re running a business or managing your own professional career.

My secret? Hmm.


  • I’ve been consistently creating what I hope is high-quality content for a long time on my blog (since 2005))
  • My podcast (~5 years)
  • Other websites where I’m a contributor
  • I’ve maintained a consistent presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, as well, and I do my best to curate others’ valuable content for my social media followers
  • I’m always seeking ways to collaborate with other thought leaders, and I create, nurture, and maintain good relationships with a large number of peers and colleagues around the world. This very robust network affords me a massive brain trust that I can tap into when I need advice or support around my business or career, and I also make myself available to others as a resource and support.
  • There’s no secret sauce, just diligent and consistent hard work, despite living with chronic pain, depression, and other lifelong struggles.

Do I become discouraged and tired? Of course – I’m a human being just like you.

Do I sometimes just close the laptop, turn off the phone, and go do something else? Absolutely.

Keith and donkey friendOn the personal side, what are my practices?

  • Staying in touch with friends, family, and favorite colleagues via social media, emails, phone calls, and face-to-face visits. Kids, animals.
  • Exercise and time outdoors
  • Time with my wife and other close intimates
  • Having hobbies — mine are watercolors and doing art; reading; listening to music; spending time outdoors in nature; travel when possible;

And what I’ve found over these many years is that consistency and truly caring are two of the elements that create success. Whether it’s personal relationships, colleagues within healthcare and those on other career paths, or my coaching clients and worldwide audience, I do my very best to bring my whole authentic self to everything I do. I certainly fall on my face and make mistakes, but I continue to push forward despite obstacles like depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and existential questions about what we’re doing here on this troubled planet.

Keith with green phoneDo you ever wonder why we try so hard to be successful when the planet is in such existential peril? Shouldn’t we all just throw caution to the wind and just go to Bali to live a barefoot life on the beach? That sounds lovely, and many people do something similar, but many of us choose to struggle onwards, bringing our light to the world no matter what it is that we do. Are you a housecleaner? Do it with passion and joy. Are you a lawyer? Serve your clients honestly and well. Are you an ICU nurse? Perform your duties in the spirit of service.

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Nurse KeithIn case you didn’t already know, Nurse Keith is a holistic career coach for nurses, award-winning nurse blogger, writer, podcaster, keynote and motivational speaker, and popular career columnist. With two decades of nursing experience, Keith deeply understands the issues faced by 21st-century nurses. From 2012 until its sunset in 2017, Keith co-hosted RNFMRadio, a groundbreaking nursing podcast. Keith’s message of savvy career management and professional satisfaction reaches tens of thousands of nurses worldwide. Keith can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram—as well as at

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