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Renee Davis, MSN, RN, NPD-BCRenee Davis, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, is the CEO of ProDevo (pronounced Dee-vo) Design and Consulting. She is a Certified Nursing Professional Development Specialist and Consultant, with 18 years of Nursing experience. She worked in the clinical arena, primarily in Adult Med Surg, both inpatient and Home Care, as well as Ambulatory, for 8 years. She has been working extensively in education, in both academia and professional development, for the past 10 years and counting, and she loves it!

Her passion is in providing education and professional development that engages the learner and makes the experience more memorable and meaningful for everyone involved, through the integration of educational technology tools and strategies.  She has a strong appreciation for instructional and outcome design thinking and believes this should be at the core of how we structure education for staff and students.  She also has a firm belief that if nurse learners are engaged in their professional development and Educators create a culture of continuous learning that is learner-centric, staff and students will be more engaged with their patient care, yielding decreases in error and increases in patient satisfaction.

ProDevo Design and Consulting LogoRenee is proficient in the use of a wide range of educational technology tools and software, including 3 learning management system platforms.  She is adjunct faculty in the College of Nursing and Public Health at Adelphi University and an adjunct online lecturer in the RN-BSN program at CUNY School of Professional Studies. She is a published author, with articles appearing in The Journal of Continuing Education, Trendlines-an Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) publication as well as in the CUNY School of Professional Studies Nursing Newsletter-Pulse in the Focus on Health section. She has most recently appeared as a featured guest on the inaugural episodes of the Nurse Leader Network podcast. She is also a national speaker, where she has conducted multiple podium and poster presentations on the need for increased utilization and integration of educational technology in all facets of Nursing Education and Professional Development.

Other notable mentions:

  • Designed both online and Instructor-led curricula for Nursing students
  • Strategized, conceptualized, collaborated and consulted with the Faculty Instructional Design team on the build-out of an online resource for adjunct faculty
  • Designed and conducted multiple continuing education classes on Learner Engagement, complete with demonstrations, CEUs and free resources
  • Collaborated with Nursing Education leadership on the build-out and launch of annual mandatory education for nurse’s enterprise-wide at one of the largest health systems in the Northeast.
  • Renee received her BSN from SUNY Buffalo (UB) in 2002 and her MSN as a Clinical Nurse Specialist from SUNY Downstate in 2006. She became an ANCC Certified Nursing Professional Development Specialist in April 2015. She started her consulting practice in 2018, with a mission to empower and arm Nurse Educators with the knowledge, mindset, confidence, tech tools and strategies to engage their nurse learner.  She provides an array of consultation services and training workshops (both in-person and online) on educational technology integration for Educators and Nursing Leadership.
  • Renee’s blog post about Design Thinking in nursing and nursing education.
  • Marion Leary at UPenn Nursing

Connect with Renee: 

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