On this special coronavirus/COVID-19 episode of The Nurse Keith Show podcast, Keith interviews Jillian Bird, MSN, RN, and Blair Lamb, BSN, RN, BA of the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium and the Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership. Families need even more support during the pandemic, and the NNCC fills that crucial role nationwide.

The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) is a nonprofit member-supported organization working to strengthen community health through quality, compassionate, and collaborative nurse-led care.

Blair Lamb, BSN, RN, BA works as a Public Health Nurse and a yoga instructor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Blair has worked for the Nurse-Family Partnership program in Philadelphia, PA for the past 10 years and this work in public health and home visiting nursing informs her practice perspective even in her other professional roles as a home care nurse and as a yoga instructor. Blair is immensely grateful to the many clients and families who have invited her into their homes as a nurse and who have enlightened her perspective and increased her knowledge not only of direct patient care but also of the interplay of societal systems and their impact on individual and public health. Blair lives in Philadelphia with her husband and has many wonderful friends, family, and hobbies that nourish her personal time.

Jillian Bird, MSN, RN, the Nurse Training Manager at National Nurse-Led Care Consortium, is passionate and driven in her commitment to nursing and supporting nurse-led health care delivery. Prior to NNCC she worked in the field of maternal addiction, coordinating care for pregnant women with SUD, crafting evidence-based policy and procedural guidelines for care delivery and managing the nursing staff and workforce development in both the residential and outpatient settings managing care delivery and developing workforce efficacy and autonomy in both the residential and outpatient program settings for a national and international model for maternal addiction treatment.  This experience meant staying up to date on evidence for best practice in SUD, policy development, and patient advocacy, as well as complex-care populations and supporting frontline professionals.

A significant focus of Jillian’s work today comes directly from her work with complex care patients in high-stress, emotionally-charged environments, and focusing on the importance of supporting nurses and front-line professionals who provide quality care. Her background in mindfulness-based practices, yoga, meditation, rock climbing, and dance inform Jillian’s new passion: cultivating resilience and renewal in nursing teams and medical delivery professionals. She is dedicated to supporting nurses professionally, to empowering their autonomy and efficacy in practice, to evidence-driven policy and innovation in health care delivery to the ever-evolving complex populations we are called on to serve.


DISCLAIMER: In these episodes regarding COVID-19, I reference the most up-to-date information I can, as well as adding personal opinions and reflections from me and my guests. Please note that the situation is changing by the moment, and any information shared in the course of any episode may not apply once new data or evidence emerges. Please also note that nothing shared in the course of any Nurse Keith Coaching COVID-19 podcast is intended for diagnosis or treatment; please consult your healthcare provider, your local Department of Health, the CDC, the WHO, or other reputable evidence-based sources. 

If you hear or read something I have shared that appears to be erroneous, if you can, please send an email me directly at keith@nursekeith.com. Thank you for understanding, stay safe, and keep informed.

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