How to Be a Visionary 21st-Century Healthcare Leader

On episode 407 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith interviews Certified Executive Coach Ronnie Kinsey, BSN, RN, MBA about how to be a visionary 21st-century healthcare leader who can readily identify what’s right, as well as what needs to change.

Ronnie Kinsey, BSN, RN, MBA is well-credentialed as a seasoned clinician and healthcare leader with a breadth of experience in highly recognized academic and specialty medical centers, as well as in the corporate arena.

Mr. Kinsey has made it his life mission to understand what is right with healthcare. Beyond events in early life calling him into a career in healthcare, he planned to experience working in several dynamic workplaces and well-developed healthcare systems in order to learn, grow, and make the best impact wherever possible. He is quick to share that he has had a fascinating career and an exciting life built around those opportunities in diverse geographic locations.

Ronnie is eager to share valuable insights about the transitions that have affected the roles and responsibilities of nurses over time. He began his nursing journey with paper charting when computers were not nurses’ concern. Observing the wave of electronic charting crashing quickly toward the clinical setting, Ronnie quickly signed up to be part of planning and launching these systems so that he could understand how he and his own nursing practice were going to be personally impacted by them, as well as how healthcare would evolve as a result.

Having seen several public health emergencies over the course of his career, Ronnie has observed that many have involved a virus of some kind. From his perspective, COVID — coupled with short staffing, overwhelm at the bedside, divisive public beliefs about the pandemic, and increased administrative responsibilities laid upon the shoulders of hard-working clinicians — has by far been the single most disruptive event impacting nursing and healthcare since his career began.

Ronnie remains optimistic regarding the opportunity to improve the nursing, clinician, and healthcare experience with an eye toward the goal of manageable value-based outcomes. He is focused on leadership and executive coaching that has the power to develop and support bold, informed leaders who can lead us on the path to sustainable solutions to the outsized concerns seen in healthcare and leadership today.

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Nurse Keith is a holistic career coach for nurses, professional podcaster, published author, award-winning blogger, inspiring keynote speaker, and successful nurse entrepreneur. Connect with Nurse Keith at, and on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Nurse Keith lives in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico with his lovely fiancée, Shada McKenzie, a highly gifted traditional astrologer and reader of the tarot. You can find Shada at The Circle and the Dot.

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