Introducing Nurse Keith’s New “21st Century Nursing” Podcast

Introducing 21st-Century Nursing, a new nursing podcast brought to you by a partnership between Aspen University and Nurse Keith. Please tune in right here to hear episode 1 of this exciting new addition to the world of nurse podcasts hosted by one of nursing’s podcasting trailblazers.

21st-Century Nursing focuses on the forces shaping the evolution of nursing, as well as the change-makers, trailblazers, and innovators who are propelling the profession into the future. The show features high-profile guests who are expert nurses and nursing leaders doing important and meaningful work in the world, and it delivers stories, inspiration, and career advice for pre-nursing students, active nursing students, and seasoned nurses seeking fresh ideas and a new view of what nurses and the nursing profession are capable of.

Guests during the first season include: 

  • Dr. Renee Thompson, founder and CEO of The Healthy Workforce Institute, who discusses her work to eradicate bullying and incivility from healthcare and nursing
  • Dr. Bonnie Clipper, nurse futurist and visionary, who waxes poetic about how nurses can leverage new technologies to advance their careers
  • Amanda Guarniere, expert nurse practioner and resume and job sesrch expert.
  • Antra Boyd and Karen DiMarco of RNegade, dusccsing what it means to be a nurse who doesn’t even recognize that there’s a box to think outside of.
  • Donna Cardillo, a renowned nurse speaker and leader whose insights into alternative career paths for nurses will open your eyes to more possibilities than you ever imagined possible
  • Charlene Platon, a Millennial nurse leader who, as Director of Ambulatory Services at Stanford Healthcare and a Johnson & Johnson Innovation Fellow, has a great deal to say about how young emerging nurse leaders are taking the reins of leadership in the interest of their own career growth and the evolution of the nursing profession


Are you ready to broaden your definition of nursing in the new millennium and learn strategies and skills to empower your career? Tune into Aspen University’s 21st-Century Nursing on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere podcasts can be found, and see what the future of nursing is really all about.


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