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My nurse entrepreneur Brian Underwood, The IV GUY, Has created an IV insertion video course titled “Venipuncture Techniques For Medical Professionals” for those of you who would like guidance in starting IVs. I’m a proud affiliate and earn a commission if you purchase through my link, at no additional cost to you.

Here’s what Brian has to say additionally about the course:

blood draw from IV“If you’re anything like me, you went to a nursing school that didn’t really prepare you for how often you’d be starting IVs in the real world. I think we had maybe an hour or two during one “skills day” and we each had the chance to trade one stick with a fellow student. Hardly enough time to learn just the basics, and I’ve heard of many schools that don’t even give you a practice try at all!

“And when you get into the hospital setting? They expect you to already be proficient, and I’ve never heard of a facility that has any kind of IV training program. It really seems like nursing schools expect you to learn these things on the job, and hospitals expect you to have learned them in Nursing School. There’s definitely an educational gap.

“If you’re a nursing student, new nurse, or just want more instruction around IV insertion, I’m here to help!

“I’ve created a video course that includes everything you need to know about starting IVs, from the very basics like aseptic technique to placing lines in difficult patient populations such as Geriatric, Bariatric, and IV drug users.

Tourniquet“We will cover standards of practice, all kinds of tips, tricks, and techniques specifically designed to help you achieve a much higher first-stick success rate!

“Each lecture is accompanied by high quality images and HD video so you can see exactly what’s happening, and you’ll get an inside look at IV insertion using my unique, clear gelatin vein models!”





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