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Keith’s Popular Keynotes (also available as half-day and full day workshops):

Nurse Keith keynote speaker

*Enlightened Nurse Leadership in the 21st Century
This inspiring keynote address focuses on the need for 21st-century nurse leaders to step up to the plate and embody the characteristics of successful leaders in a changing healthcare environment. 

In the course of this presentation, participants will learn the 12 key characteristics of powerful 21st-century nurse leaders and how to manifest those characteristics as they move forward into the future. 

Attendees have described this presentation as powerful, informative, inspiring, and uplifting. 

*Networking and Personal Branding for the 21st-Century Nurse 
In this fun and informative presentation, Keith provide uplifting and actionable steps for savvy nursing professionals in relation to the mastery of online and in-person networking skills, as well as the creation of a solid personal brand.

21st-century nurses need to take their networking to the next level in order to truly manifest the robust network that will support them on their career journey. In addition to networking, branding efforts must be developed simultaneously in order to create a comprehensive and cohesive presence. These skills are essential to the building of a successful 21st-century nursing career. 

*The Five Rights of a Healthy Work Environment
A healthy work environment is essential to individual and collective success, not to mention personal happiness and satisfaction for the worker. Keith’s five rights of a healthy work environment provide the scaffolding for assessing, diagnosing, and ultimately changing your work environment for the better. 

What are the five rights? 

  • Right practice
  • Right relationships
  • Right environment
  • Right leadership
  • Right livelihood

*Harnessing The Power of Social Media in Your Nursing Career
In this address, Keith covers the basics of online networking, and how nurses and nurse entrepreneurs can harness the power of social media for many career-related purposes:

  • Identify the most salient social media platforms for nurses and nurse entrepreneurs
  • Learn key factors and behaviors that promote the successful use of social media
  • Walk away with an action plan for jump-starting or rebooting your social media strategy

2015-10-03 NNBA 01879
Please contact Keith for more information about in-person and virtual workshops, as well as events tailored specifically for the needs of your facility, organization, or event. 

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