Nurse Practitioners and the Field of Legal Nurse Consulting

On episode 416 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith interviews Elisa Collins, FNP-C, NP-CLP, a nurse practitioner, podcaster, and legal nurse consultant who is on a mission to convince nurse practitioners that they are ideal candidates for the legal nurse consultant role. Do you think that only RNs can serve as LNCs? Think again!

Elisa is the primary founder and Chief Executive Officer at Discovery NP Legal Consultants. Elisa has been an RN Since 2003 and worked primarily in that capacity in stepdown-ICU and inpatient cardiology. She went on to obtain her Masters in Nursing in 2013 and has worked in that capacity as an outpatient provider of sleep medicine, weight loss, and geriatric wellness.

Since becoming an NP, Elisa developed an interest in providing nurse consulting for the legal profession and began providing those services in 2018.

Elisa developed the versatile cloud-based collaborative real-time work product that is used at Discovery NP Legal Consultants and is the primary mentor, educator, and broker of services at Discovery NP Legal Consultants. In 2021, Elisa recruited and gathered a team of 12 clinicians including advanced practiced registered nurses to offer a broader range of services to her clientele and to expand services nationwide.

Based in Boise, Idaho, Elisa lives with her husband and cares for both her mother-in-law and her own two children, one of whom is medically fragile. The family enjoys vacationing when they get the chance, and watching movies together. Elisa also has a Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in life coaching, and she and her husband are currently co-authoring a personal development self-help book. Elisa enjoys the freedom and flexibility that consulting for the legal profession has afforded. She is the host of the MedMal podcast.

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