Communicate Your Outstanding Nurse Qualities, The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 36

Are you able to clearly and concisely verbalize what makes you outstanding as a nurse? That’s what we discuss on episode 36 of The Nurse Keith Show.

Outstanding nurse

I’m always inspired by what nurses are doing at this point in history, and I continue to feel that the world is indeed our oyster if we set our minds to it. Y’all are amazing, and I just love nurses!


That said, there are indeed many fears and challenges out there, and people usually come to me because there’s something they want, something they’re after.

Recently, a client of mine said this to me: “There’s nothing really outstanding about me as a nurse.” Have you ever said (or thought) that? First things first: erase that notion from your mind! You are outstanding, and you do indeed have something that differentiates you from other nurses.

  • What makes you different?
  • What makes your special?
  • What makes you outstanding?

My client also said that it’s hard for her to verbalize what it is that she has to offer. Being able to communicate what you’re about and who you are is essential. You need to be able to verbalize the Cliffs Notes version of who you are and what your personal brand represents; it’s your personal “elevator pitch,” a 30-60 second down-and-dirty statement that sums your professional self up in a flash.


In job interviews, you may be asked to discuss your strengths as a clinician; can you do it easily? Can you enumerate your skills and strengths? Can you describe what makes you awesome?

When networking, you also need to be able to communicate who you are; if meeting a person of influence, know how to get your point across and toot your horn when the time is right.

Your strengths are communicated in writing, verbally, non-verbally, and even emotionally. Your way of being is something that others pick up on, even if you can’t put it into words.

If you want to move forward in your career, you need to be able to write a compelling cover letter than really helps you to shine, and compose a resume that does the same. Is that difficult for you to do that? Can you sit in that interview and shine a light on your gifts?

This is isn’t narcissism—it’s career development 101!

Your homework:

  1. List the specific “hard skills” that you can say are your clinical strengths (eg: PICC lines, IV starts, cardiovascular assessment, etc)
  2. List the so-called “soft skills” that are part of who you are (eg: communication, putting people at ease, organizational skills, written documentation)
  3. List the special traits or characteristics that make you special (eg: kindness, compassion)
  4. Practice being able to clearly verbalize what’s special about you. Record it on video or audio, sit with a friend and practice together.
  5. If any of this is difficult, email me at and we’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone or Skype discovering how to make it easier.

Be the amazing and outstanding nurse that you are!

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Be well, dig deep, and keep in touch!


Nurse Keith photoKeith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC, is the Board Certified Nurse Coach behind and the well-known blog, Digital Doorway.

Keith is co-host of, a wildly popular nursing podcast; he also hosts The Nurse Keith Show, his own podcast focused on career advice and inspiration for nurses. Keith is also the resident nursing career expert at

A widely published nurse writer, Keith is the author of “Savvy Networking For Nurses: Getting Connected and Staying Connected in the 21st Century.” He has also contributed chapters to a number of books related to the nursing profession, and currently writes for MultiViews New Service,, StaffGarden, and Working Nurse Magazine.

Mr. Carlson brings a plethora of experience as a nurse thought leader, online nurse personality, holistic career coach, writer, and well-known successful nurse entrepreneur.



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