Plan A

Plan AIn this plan, we assess the current state of your career, using written self-assessment tools and an initial coaching conversation to elucidate the deeper truths.

Plan A involves  fewer conversations, and a larger amount of self-guided assessment and introspective homework than the other plans. This plan is for the motivated individual who just needs a little push and can provide a fair amount of self-accountability.

In this process, we will diagnose the state of your career, create personalized career goals, and manifest a plan for the rejuvenation of your career. You leave with clear steps in place for the achievement of your goals, including:

  • feedback on your resume and cover letter.
  • a video screenflow review and guide for strengthening your Linked In profile.
  • a plan for career growth and enhancement.
  • suggestions for the improvement and sharpening of your career development skills, including online and in-person networking, interviewing, and follow-up.
  • other aspects of career-building or support that are most important to you.

You have access to prn email feedback from me for one month following the completion of our two coaching sessions.

This package is 4 weeks in duration, and includes two one-hour coaching calls. All calls must be completed by the end of the 4-week period.

Investment in your career satisfaction and success: $575 $515 (decreased to 2022 rates)

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