RNFM Radio: On the Pulse of Nursing

RNFM Radio was created by well-known nurse entrepreneurs Anna Morrison, Kevin Ross, and Keith Carlson in late December of 2011, and launched in January of 2012.

RNFMThe show’s mission was to change and expand the conversation about nursing, tap into the current nursing zeitgeist, and give nurses a deeper understanding of the power and awesome potential of our illustrious profession.

Officially launched on January 9th, 2012, RNFM Radio immediately began receiving accolades. Many savvy nurses and nurse entrepreneurs throughout the English-speaking world began to take notice, and the show’s positive and far-reaching impact became readily apparent.

With the departure of Ms. Morrison in April of 2012, Ross and Carlson continued to deliver a high-quality broadcast as a duo, and the consistent praise from many corners of the nursing profession demonstrates that the hosts have hit a nerve with nurses, nurse leaders and nursing students alike. Along the way, well-known nurse entrepreneur Elizabeth Scala joined the pod for just over a year. In the summer of 2017, Keith remained as the RNFM anchor and was joined by his new cohosts, Sean Dent and Ashley Pofit Miller, for the fourth iteration of the groundbreaking podcast. The show sunsetted one year later in 2018.

RNFMRADIO.comRNFM Radio guests included the likes of best-selling authors Carol Gino and Theresa Brown, as well as many other coaches, healers, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, disrupters, and innovators.

The listeners of RNFM Radio offered the feedback that they relished the expanded vision of the nursing profession that RNFM delivered. The steady growth of the show’s popularity was a testament to the fact that RN.FM Radio brought a message that its audience truly wanted to hear. RNFM Radio had a great run and opened the doors for many nurse podcasters to come.

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