Testimonials for Keith’s speaking and presentations:

Testimonials about Keith’s speaking and presentations: 

“I’ve heard Keith speak numerous times and he always delivers! Keith is very comfortable on stage and makes his audience feel comfortable too. He is articulate, funny, insightful, and leaves his audience feeling good about themselves. Keith is a genius at mixing the right amount of personal stories, thought provoking insights, and practical strategies in his presentations. I highly recommend Keith Carlson for your next event!”

Renee Thompson, DNP
Public Speaker, Doctor of Nursing Practice


“My organization hired Keith Carlson to speak on the subjects of mentoring and healthy work environments for our nursing conference. His presentations were full of life, experience, and passion. He was interactive and engaging with the audience. The participants leaving the venue were excited about the material. Comments included: 

‘Keith is great — what a captivating speaker!’

‘Keith brought to surface topics that we all deal with in our working environment. I enjoyed this class very much.’ 

‘The speaker was great. He provided in-depth explains of what mentoring is, as well as suggestions on how to start a mentoring program at our institutions.’

“We are so grateful we found Keith to be part of our event. He participated in activities beyond his contracted sessions and integrated himself into the fabric of our team, interacting with participants and lending an extra set of hands to our support staff. 

“If you are looking for an inspirational and engaging speaker, someone who is genuinely interested in you and helping your organization find success, my recommendation is Keith Carlson.” 

Lesa McArdle
Clinical Education Manager, Adventist Health (Lincoln, CA)


“The National Association of Hispanic Nurses just wrapped up our first Latino Leadership Institute, an event at which Keith presented two amazing sessions. Keith took great care in preparing for the event by getting to know me as the planner as well as learning as much as he could about our Hispanic nurses. His presentations were detailed, thoughtful, and most importantly, inspiring. The investment that Keith made in our event was felt by other speakers and attendees alike. We are excited to continue our partnership with him!”

Cresta Archuletta Mauldin
Executive Director, National Association of Hispanic Nurses (Raleigh, NC)


The Southwest Acupuncture College-Santa Fe would like to highly endorse Keith Carlson for his presentation on the uses of social media for entrepreneurs. Keith is very knowledgeable about the various social networks available for marketing your business and yourself on line. His presentations are informative and easy to follow, and he fields questions from his audience with skill. Keith has a nice rapport with the audience and directs individual ideas for different participants. All the attendees were very excited about what they learned, and felt they could implement several of his ideas to benefit their self-marketing through social media. We cannot wait for his next presentation!

Latricia Gonzales-McKosky
Campus Director, Southwest Acupuncture College (Santa Fe, NM)


Keith Carlson presented to our 50+Employment Connection Job Club on the subject of creating a LinkedIn account that is both attractive and highly functional.  He wowed our participants with numerous examples of how to enhance one’s profile to attract the right contacts, and he also discussed strategies for engaging in authentic online networking. We were very pleased and will invite him back in the future for a more advanced session or workshop.”

Anita Pisa
50+ Employment Connection (Santa Fe, New Mexico)


Keith Carlson provided a clear, concise, and informative presentation on the use of LinkedIn for the Santa Fe, New Mexico chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Along with his excellent presentation, Keith also provided participants with a handy document that guides the reader through the optimization of their LinkedIn profile.

I recommend that any professional organization seeking an expert speaker to consider Keith Carlson, especially regarding his considerable knowledge and expertise in the areas of social media, personal branding, and the savvy uses of LinkedIn.”

Christy Martinez
National Association of Women Business Owners


Keith participated as one of the speakers at the 2013 Southwest Emergency Nursing Conference. Keith’s presentations were well received by the audience and received high marks in the post conference feedback. Participants called his presentation motivating and inspiring. I had the opportunity to watch him speak and found Keith to be a very engaging speaker that encouraged audience participation and interaction. I highly recommend inviting Keith to participate in your educational endeavors.”

Kevin McFarlane, MSN,RN,CEN,CPEN,EMT
Education Director, Southwest Emergency Education & Consulting


Thank you Keith for your support and participation in the Art of Nursing program during National Nurse’s Week. I asked Keith to come on board as an evening synthesizer who would co-host the wrap up call of the day. Keith brought so much enthusiasm, positivity and generosity to the call. He is extremely articulate and highly insightful as he highlighted key themes for my audience. Thank you, Keith. As always it was a joy to work with you and I look forward to when we share each other’s collaborative space again.”

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN


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