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My friends and colleagues at Trusted Health have upended the nurse job search process and it’s all to benefit you! Trusted has put nurses in control by ditching commissioned recruiters, ambiguous pay, and the old-school approach to finding nursing jobs. They staff temporary jobs (like travel assignments) as well as full-time and per diem staff positions. Trusted has opportunities in nearly every state. There are so many options out there and sometimes it’s hard to know which location is best for you. Choosing “I’m adventurous” or “I’m flexible” in your match preferences will allow you to browse matches in multiple locations at once.

There are 5 easy steps to search for jobs at 

STEP ONE: Tell Trusted what matters to you.

This is where you get to tell Trusted what YOU want! Take just a few minutes to indicate preferences such as location, specialty, and availability to ensure you see matches that are relevant to you. This step takes only 2 minutes.

STEP TWO: Meet your dedicated Nurse Advocate.

When they say they put nurses first, they mean it! (After all they’re nurses, too!)

Nurse Advocates are not recruiters and not incentivized by commissions — they’re nurses just like you. They know what it’s like to move to a new city for an assignment, work with old-school recruiters, and deal with the issues (clinical or not) that pop up. You will be introduced to your dedicated Nurse Advocate on your main dashboard right from the start! You’ll see their picture and all the details to call, text, and email them at any time.

While you’re in the driver’s seat of seeing jobs in real-time and requesting to interview with a click of a button, your Nurse Advocate is the person you will get to know and will be there with you every step of the way.

STEP THREE: See personalized matches.

No vague job listings or back-and-forth emails. View available opportunities in real-time with contract details and pay breakdowns upfront! Each match has a score based on your preferences and specialty. Along with license type and your clinical specialties, the top factors Trusted uses to give you custom matches are your start date, location preference, and your shift and Magnet preferences.

Since Trusted is all about transparency, you’ll see a lot of information about posted positions. Sometimes they have more details about one job than another, but what they know, you know, so you can know exactly what you are applying to and what to expect.

You’ll see:

Facility Details: Name, location, and any details such as Magnet status, number of beds, trauma level, and whether it’s a teaching facility. Each match even provides a “walk score” of the area where the facility is located as well as a pay comparisons.

Compensation Breakdown:

  • Taxable hourly rate
  • Overtime rate
  • Housing and M&I stipends
  • Double time rate
  • Extra time bonus
  • On-call rate
  • Holiday rate
  • Callback rate

Assignment Details: Here’s where you’ll see start date, length of assignment, unit, role, shift, shift type, and any additional information such as years or type of experience required, specialty certifications, or licensure.

STEP FOUR: Complete your Trusted Profile.

Getting your Trusted Profile complete is the key to unlocking the ability to request interviews. Trusted knows what it’s like filling out several profiles, so we Nurse Advocates have worked closely with our amazing engineers to make this as simple and painless as possible. On your dashboard, you’ll see a checklist outlining all the components of a complete Trusted profile and approximately how long you can expect it to take you to get it done.

Each match has a score based on your preferences and your specialty. Along with license type and your clinical specialties, the top factors they use to give you custom matches are your start date, location preference, and your shift and Magnet preferences.

Completing your profile means having everything done that you need in order to unlock the “request interview” button. Matches can come and go pretty quickly, so doing the work upfront puts you in a position to act fast. Trusted will need at least two professional references — this tends to be the part that can slow things down, so do this step first!

STEP FIVE: Request interviews for what you want, when you want it. 

At this point, when you find a match you like, all you need to do is click the “request interview” button, indicate your time-off requests and any special needs, and Trusted will take it from there with your Nurse Advocate keeping you updated every step of the way.

Trusted recommends five as the magic number of matches to submit to at any given time. This will give you multiple options without overwhelming yourself with interviews. When a travel nurse submits to five jobs, the chances of getting an offer from one of them is very good indeed! However, be sure to only submit to jobs that you truly like and would be happy to take if the interview goes well — if that means only applying to one, that’s okay too!

Don’t join an agency, join a movement by signing up at TrustedHealth!

(Please note: I’m a happy affiliate of Trusted Health and receive a small commission when you sign up.)

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