Super Flex Power Package

In my Super Flex Power Package, we’re not tied to a to-do list of items to tackle. Rather, we have an open-ended agenda that’s flexible, organic, and extremely customizable.

Super Flex Power Package

In this coaching package, you get 4 hours of my time in whatever form is best: this can include time on the phone, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime, or you can make use of my time as an editor of your LinkedIn profile, resume, or cover letters. This means we can schedule calls that are 10 minutes, 90 minutes, 30 minutes — whatever we need to get things done.

With this coaching scenario, you have access to me via unlimited email (as long as the volume of emails remains reasonable), and we log time for calls and editing as we go along (this can be tracked using a shared Google Doc if you prefer).

My Super Flex Power Package is a great way to utilize my time and skills in a highly flexible way. Why not take advantage of four hours of Nurse Keith time in whatever form works for you, including unlimited email communication.

Investment in your career and professional development? $825 
($275 for additional 2-hour increments thereafter)

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